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Delectable dishes to begin your 'Avant Thai' experience…
Freshly Shucked Huiter Royal Oyster 新鮮法國皇家生蠔配番茄辣椒醬
Served with Tomato & Chili Dip
$278 (6pcs) $498 (12pcs) / $148 (3pcs)
NEW Shrimp Lollipop 泰式蝦卷
Lemon Leaf Thai Shrimp Lollipop on Lemongrass Stick (3pcs) (6pcs)
$68 (2pcs) $128 (4pcs)
Poh Plah (Royal Spring Rolls) 素菜芋頭春卷配紅咖哩醬 (V)
Thai Fried Vegetarian Hand-rolls Perfectly Crunchy with a Red Curry Paste for Dipping
(4pcs) $88 (6pcs) $118
Tuk Tuk Tofu 椰香焗脆皮軟豆腐 (V)
Crispy Fried Soft Tofu with a Coconut Crispy Coating and Spicy Red Chili Jam
$62 (2pcs) $118 (4pcs)
Avocado Rolls / Mango Shrimp Roll 牛油果米紙卷 (V)/芒果蝦卷
Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Avocado / Fresh Rice Paper Rolls with Mango & Shrimp (4pcs) (8pcs)
$68 / $78 (4pcs) $128 / $138 (8pcs)
NEW Phuket Peppery Prawns 香辣炒蝦
Prawns sautéed in chili, garlic and lemongrass with spring onions (6pcs)
Chicken Charm 香酥雞手指配辛辣汁
Spice Crispy Chicken Fingers on a Delicate Spicy Dip
$98 $138
Chicken Laab 雞肉生菜包
Spicy Minced Chicken Salad served with Lettuce Leaves
NEW Chili Crab Tacos 蟹肉夾餅
Crab meat seasoned with chili jam and kaffir lime leaf in soft tortillas (4pcs)
NEW Fried Calamari 泰式炸魷魚
Fried Calamari with Chili Garlic & Sriracha Mayonnaise
NEW THE IMPOSSIBLE® Meat Mini Burger Trio 泰式素肉迷你漢堡 (3pcs)
Plant-based Vegetarian Meat Mini Burger with Lettuce, Onion & Tomato
NEW Thai Chicken Wings 泰式炸雞翼
Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce Thai-pa’s Appetiser
Pork Platt-Aya 板燒豬頸肉
Grilled Pork Neck Basted in Kaffir Lime Leaves, Chili and Tamarind Dipping Sauce
$88 $158
Beef Satay 牛肉沙爹串
Grilled Beef Skewers with Peanut Sauce (2pcs) (4pcs)
$78 (2pcs) $138 (4pcs)
Chicken Satay 雞肉沙爹串
Grilled Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce (2pcs) (4pcs)
$62 (2pcs) $118 (4pcs)

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Beef It Up 燒牛肉沙律
Grilled Tenderloin Beef Salad with Chili, Thai Baby Cucumber, Tomato & Red Onion and Mix Green Leaves
‘Som-Tam Soon’ Salad 泰式青木瓜蝦沙律 (可選素食)
The Traditional Thai Green Papaya Salad with Dried Shrimp (VEG OPTION 128)
Mothers Pomelo Salad with Roasted Prawns 大蝦柚子沙律
Pomelo tossed in Palm Sugar, Lime Juice with Roasted Coconut, Shallot, Fresh Mint, Sundried Shrimp & Grilled Prawns (VEG OPTION 148)
King Prawn Tom Yum 大蝦冬蔭功
Chef Amoo’s Version of the Honorable ‘King’ of Thai Soups.
River King Prawns steeped in Galangal, Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime
together with Straw and Enoki Mushrooms with Coconut Foam
$98 (small) $158 (full)
Farmers Tom Yum 素冬蔭功 (V)
Okra, Brussels Sprout, Enoki and Straw Mushrooms compliment the
Sharp Vegetable Broth and Sesame Crackers and Refreshing Lemongrass Foam
$78 $128
Grill Station
Served with Vegetables & Choice of Sauce
Sauces: Red Curry / Massaman Curry / Rosemary Pepper Sauce / Namh Jim Garlic Chili / Hang Lay Sauce 紅咖哩 / 瑪莎曼咖哩 / 迷迭香黑胡椒汁 / 香蒜辣椒汁 / 泰式清邁咖喱
Jumbo Prawn - 2pcs 珍寶大蝦 $278  
Salmon Steak - 225 gram 三文魚扒 $268  
Barramundi 鱸魚 $248  
Grain Fed Striploin - 225 gram 穀飼西冷牛扒 $338  
Lamb Chops - 4 Pcs 羊排 $268  
Please allow 15-20 minutes preparation time for grilled items
The ‘Main Event’ and the epitome of Avant Thai cuisine
( I ) FROM THE SEA Jumbo Prawn Egg Cream Curry 珍寶蝦奶油蛋咖哩

Fresh Jumbo Prawn Cooked in Egg Curry Cream
Silken Salmon 挪威三文魚配青檸辣椒泰蒜汁
Roasted Norwegian Salmon Fillet and Served in Chili-Lime Garlic Jus– Divine
Soft Shell Crab in Red Curry 軟殼蟹紅咖哩
Crispy Soft Shell Crabs in Red Curry
Prawn “Pad Chaa/Egg Cream Curry/Red Curry Prawn (8pcs) 香辣蝦 / 椰香咖哩蝦 / 紅咖哩蝦
Stir Fried Chili Garlic with Seasonal Vegetables / Creamy Eggs / Red Curry with Prawn
(8pcs) $238  
Steamed Whole Fish 泰式明爐原條蒸魚
Gently Steamed Whole Fish with Lemongrass, Lime Leaves and Thai Basil topped with Spicy Minced Chicken
Barramundi Fillet In Basil Leaf/Red -or- Green Curry
羅勒葉炒鱸魚 / 咖哩魚柳 Stir-Fried Barramundi in Hot Basil Leaf/Fish Fillet in Red -or- Green Curry
NEW "Crispy Crown" Barramundi 泰式炸鱸魚
Crispy Barramundi Fillet with Spicy Green Mango and Chili Jam Dressing
Chiang Mai Pork Belly 豬腩肉配南瓜蓉伴清邁咖哩
Ever-so-tender, Fall-off-the-bone 'Hang Lay' Pork Belly in a Mild Northern Thai Curry Sauce served with Pumpkin Puree base and vegetables
Massaman Beef Curry 馬沙文咖哩牛柳
Beef Striploin Slow Braised Several Hours in Massaman Curry
Chop-Chop 烤羊排配泰國茄子大蒜香草汁
Herb Crusted and Tenderly Grilled Spring Lamb Chops in Rosemary Black Pepper Sauce (4pcs)
Chicken In Red / Green Curry/ Massaman Curry
泰式紅 /青/瑪莎曼咖哩配雞肉 The Classic Thai Chicken Curry as Good as it Gets
Chicken in Basil Leaf 羅勒葉炒雞肉 $188
NEW THE IMPOSSIBLE® Meat Ball in Green Curry
泰式青咖哩配素肉丸 (V) Plant-based Vegetarian Meat Ball with Vegetables in Green or Red Curry
Namo Phad Thai 泰式金邊粉 (VEG OPTION 138)
The Golden Oldie - Traditional Pad Thai Prawn Noodles topped with a Crispy Egg
Kaow Phad (Crab Fried Rice) 英國蟹皇炒飯
British Brown Crab Claw with Brown Rice and a hint of Lemongrass
NEW Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice 海鮮菠蘿炒飯
Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood, Pork Floss and Sweet Pork Sausage (VEG OPTION 138)
Garlic Baguette 蒜蓉包
Perfect for Soaking Up all those Delicious Sauces (5pcs)
Roti Paratha 香煎烤餅
Pan Frying White Flour Dough with Butter
Meat-Free Choices for Those That Like It 'Green'
Thai Two Way 馬拉盞炒泰國通菜
Morning Glory stir-fried your way - either Chili-Garlic -OR- Spicy Shrimp Pas
Holy Moly Stir Fry 辣炒素雞
Soy Bean (‘mock meat’) Wok Fried with Chili-Garlic-Basil in Rosemary Pepper Sauce
Spring Garden Red/Green or Yellow Curry 田園紅/青/黃咖哩
All the Veggies in this Lively Red or Green or Yellow Curry - Lite n’ Licious!
Spicy Tofu in Basil 香辣炒豆腐配羅勒葉
Stir-Fried Tofu in Basil Leaf
NEW THE IMPOSSIBLE® Meat Ball in Green Curry
泰式青咖哩配素肉丸 (V) Plant-based Vegetarian Meat Ball with Vegetables in Green or Red Curry
“Ticky-Lice” 芒果糯米飯
Fresh Pandan-Infused Rice, Mango Cubes and Hand-Whipped Coconut Cream
Gelato (2scoops) 雪糕
Choice of Pistachio, Cappuccino, Coconut Pineapple Mix (1 scoop at 48)
Lemongrass Pannacotta with Strawberry Crush 香茅奶凍配士多啤梨 $78
Please alert our server if you have any FOOD ALLERGIES



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